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Xesta After Burner Casting Jig Mini 15gr #71.RHBIW
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Highest quality little metal casting jig. Its had to believe that there's much of a difference between jigs like this of different price and design, but some genuinely do seem to catch more fish than others. The little range of Xesta After Burner jigs has proven itself to be superb fish catchers, particularly with mackerel, pollack and bass but they've also accounted for all kinds of species since their introduction during early 2013.

They can be fished in various ways. I'll fish them 'sink and draw', on a slow straight retrieve or on a quick, twitchy one to keep them shallow. Different retrieves can work for different species. Mix it up a bit!


  • Product Code: 4573439018480
  • Type: #Micro Jig
  • Hook: #YES /Treble hook
  • Colour: #71.RHIW